Saturday, 21 November 2015

US troops to stay in Afghanistan perpetually

I wrote a blog as back as in August 2012 posing a question; will the US pull its troops out of Afghanistan after 2014? While the overwhelming perception was it will pull the troops out, my conclusion was contrary. This seems true as the US troops are still there, with 2015 approaching an end.
Even at that time I had stated very clearly that the US attack was not to liberate Afghanistan from the control of USSR or Taliban but to occupy it for economical and political reasons. Neither presence of Taliban in Afghanistan not its involvement in attack on the world trade center was known to all.

Now, I can attribute occupation of Afghanistan to: 1) valuable metals in the country, 2) geopolitics and top of all 3) the huge quantity of poppy produced in the country. Being the super power the US keeps its troops in almost every region where it has some stake. Afghanistan has an important place in the US foreign policy due to common borders with Pakistan, Iran, China and proximity with many oil and gas rich Central Asian countries.

After the Islamic Revolution, Iran was projected as the biggest threat for the world, especially for Arab monarchs and also to the US and its 53rd state, Israel. The US also had plans to send its troops to Iran to takeover country’s nuclear assets. It needs an outpost near Iran and Afghanistan is the ideal country.  The two countries share a long mountainous border, which is virtually impossible to monitor and defend.  

China is the second most powerful superpower, which is likely to surpass the gross domestic product of the US by 2020 and become world’s strongest economic superpower. The US already has outposts in Taiwan and South Korea and Afghanistan provides the third base in case any attack o China becomes the ultimate.

Taking Afghanistan as hostage was part of the US foreign policy and military strategy. The USSR believed that getting control over Afghanistan could give it a perfect foot hold in South Asia and the Middle East. The US also believes the Afghanistan is the gateway to central Asian countries.

Over the years China remained focused on its economy. When Russia tried to stretch its muscles sanctions were imposed on it. Now it is attacking ISIS bases in Syria and also trying to establish friendly relations with Pakistan and other strategically important countries

This does not bode well for the US, still adamant at maintaining its hegemony in South Asia and MENA. Therefore, probability of end to the US occupation of Afghanistan is hoping against the hopes.

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