Monday, 4 April 2016

Are Pakistani politicians the only corrupt?

After having read the latest news about wealth of Pakistani politicians kept abroad I am neither surprised nor dismayed. Over the years many people in the country have highlighted this issue and some were even assassinated as the politicians never wanted this Pandora’s Box to open. One can still recall the statement of a famous columnist of Dawn newspaper who had once said ‘all are thieves’. A storm was created in a cup of tea and soon business was run as usual.
My own analysis of the situation is that around the world many politicians who are corrupt are made part of ruling junta because internal and external forces pick them to follow an agenda. History is full of such names but even a closer look at some of the politicians who were termed ‘corrupt’ was picked up, groomed and assigned specific tasks. Once the ‘mission’ was accomplished each one faced a fate as described by the spy agencies and underworld ‘eliminate an agent when he becomes redundant’.
I will begin the analysis from my own country, Pakistan. I will not talk about history spread over more than six decades but the present situation. Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, the chives of country’s two leading political parties have been accusing each other of corruption. Many references were filed and cases were brought to the apex courts but neither was convicted.
Three military dictators, installed by external forces were also not spared. The external forces bribed the dictators for towing their policies. These developed countries, who claim to be the champions of democracy kept them in power to attain their ulterior motives. One can say with reasonable confidence that the amounts they received from the super powers were also kept outside Pakistan.
The most notorious name of recent history is Saddam Hussain of Iraq, who fought war with Iran, after the Islamic Revolution for a decade and also attacked Kuwait. Once he became redundant he was hanged and no one has any clue of his wealth kept outside Iraq.
One just can’t ignore Anwar Sadat of Egypt; he played a key role in recognition of Israel by many Muslim countries after ‘successful’ negotiation at Camp David. Once the objective was achieved he was assassinated while taking salute on the National Day.
Many mysteries are associated with the sudden death of Indian Prime Minister after Tashkent Agreement, assassination of Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman soon after creation of Bangladesh, killing of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia by his own nephew after formation of OIC, shooting of Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi by her own guard after Shimla Agreement, assassination of Benazir Bhutto and alleged ‘judicial murder’ of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
One has all the reasons to believe that the rulers are installed, toppled and even assassinated by the super powers to achieve their vested interest. They use different jargons for bringing the select in power and get rid of them in the name of ‘regime change’. The only regret is that the champions of democracy indulge in these ‘dirty politics’ but people of their own country hardly raise voice against them.

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