Tuesday, 14 February 2017

US war mongers flaring Sunni-Shia conflict

I really don’t know how many readers of this post will agree with me, but I consider it my ardent duty to keep on reminding the readers that US is the biggest war monger on this planet. Its sole purpose of creating conflicts and/or initiating wars is to sell armaments, US is the largest arms supplier that include both conventional and non-conventional.
At the recent elections it was hoped that newly elected US president will try to pull its troops posted in many countries. However, now It seems people were hoping against hopes as President Donald Trump is also surrounded by war mongers. His thinking is being influenced to the extent that it is becoming evident that soon the world may see opening up of US-China, US-Russia, Saudi-Iran and India-Pakistan fronts.
Some of the readers may wonder how the US could open so many fronts. Since World War II, it is evident that the US has been fighting proxy wars. However, over the last five decades it has become evident that it is ‘war of crusades’, all the fronts have been opened against Muslims. This includes Iraq attacking Iran, US attacking Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. All these are proxy wars.
Ironically this time the US is planning to initiate war between two oil rich Muslim countries Saudi Arabia and Iran in the name of Sunni-Shia conflict. The US has already installed is touts and the hype is being created has some of the glimpses:
  • The US has imposed new sanctions on Iran on the pretext that Iran remains both a major source of terrorism and a threat to the US interests.
  • President Donald Trump has declared his intention of crushing the Islamic State (IS).
  • The US strategy in Iraq prior to the 2007 was to oppose both Shia and Sunni factions but both have drawn strength from outside Iraq – the Sunnis from Saudi Arabia and the Shia from Iran.
  • The US considers the Iranian-supported Shia as the greater threat and tried to counterbalance them by reaching a financial and political understanding with the Sunni leadership.
  • IS has emerged as the champion of the Sunni Arab population.
  • The US has remained powerless in crafting the Iraq it wanted.
  • After 15 years of ineffective fighting the US must accept its defeat in the region, withdraw its troops and allow the region to evolve as it will.
  • The US could face an increasingly powerful Sunni world and even more powerful Shia Iran.
  • The US-led forces have failed in isolating therefore it has to be engaged in some form of military action, possibly directed at its nuclear program.
  • The US does not have a military force large enough to wage war at Iran.
  • The U.S. has limited forces, reluctant or discordant allies, and cannot win a war. Since the Islamic world is deeply divided along religious and ethnic lines. The option is allying with one faction to defeat the other.
  • It is being portrayed that Sunnis are weaker than the Iranians. But there are far more Sunnis, they cover a vast swath of ground and they are far more energized. Iran may be more powerful but Sunnis are more ruthless.
  • Some factions even go to the extent of saying that a US-Iran alignment may be more probable because they are the convenient option as they hate and fear the Sunnis.
I am of the opinion that the US cannot afford simultaneous conflicts with Sunnis and Shia, Arabs and Persians. Therefore, it is likely to opt for time tested strategy ‘divide and rule’. Muslims should be ready to face further fragmentation. If they (Muslims) want to survive they have to stand united despite being Sunni or Shia.

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