Monday, 6 February 2017

Pakistan State Oil Company disappoints shareholders

Pakistan’s largest oil marketing company, Pakistan State Oil Company Limited (PSO) has disappointed its shareholders by not announce any interim dividend at the time of release of its financial results for July-December 2016 period. This comes as a shock as PSO has posted an EPS of Rs36.86 as compared to an EPS of Rs24.75 for the corresponding period of 2015. This raises apprehensions that the Company suffers from serious liquidity crunch, circular debt being the most notorious.
The suspicion gets credence because PSO is the largest energy supplier to power generation companies as well as the state owned enterprises. The other apprehend is that if crude oil prices continue upward trend, it may yield substantial inventory gains but maintaining high profitability  would not be possible without asking the government to raise POL prices substantially.
Net sales of the company for the period under review increased to Rs411 billion from Rs353 billion, posting an increase of 16 percent. Further impetus was provided by 20 percent increase in Other Income and 21 percent reduction in financial charges. As a result profit after tax for six months period increased by 49 percent to Rs10.015 billion, from Rs6.726 billion.

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