Sunday, 11 September 2016

World 15 years after 9/11

In the aftermath of 9/11, the United States with the help of other developed countries launched counter-terrorism by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. Apparently, the two countries had nothing to do with those who attacked twin towers and Pentagon.
Afghanistan was attacked for providing shelter to OBL and Iraq was attacked for having WMD. The irony of the fate is that both the pre-texts proved wrong. Now most parts of the world are inferno due to proxy wars. However, the super power will never admit that it breeds and supports terrorists to engage in proxy wars.
Readers are invited to explore the following narratives and arrive at any conclusion at their own:
  1. The attacks on twin towers and Pentagon were either the biggest security lapse or the worst melodrama.
  2. The attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq had ‘other motives’ but hardly any link with attacks on the US.
  3. The key motive was to break out wars to keep the arsenal factories working at full capacity.
  4. The US initiated ‘regime change’ movements mainly to destabilize and fragment many countries.
  5. To achieve its motives the US created first phantom AQ and later on the second one ISIL.
  6. If one watches ‘science fiction movies’ creation of phantoms those go out of control is common.
  7. The real world phantoms that operate internationally are Taliban, AQ, ISIL and many others operating locally or in particular regions, most obvious being MENA and South Asia.
If one tries to find reasons for the above-stated narratives then arriving at the following conclusion will be much easy. After having learnt from the experiences of two World Wars, the biggest super power is sponsoring many proxy wars to maintain its number one position.

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