Saturday, 23 July 2016

Are India Pakistan likely to fight another war on Kashmir?

This morning when I went though Pakistan’s leading English newspaper Dawn, two headlines gave me jittering feeling Kashmir can never become part of Pakistan, Sushma tells Nawaz and Waiting for the day Kashmir becomes Pakistan: Nawaz.
This prompted me to once again read one of blogs posted as back as in February 2013. Its caption was ‘Kashmir Can Initiate Third War’. I still remember many of my critics termed this absurd.  Despite lapse of three years, I stand firm on my words that the Kashmir dispute is not over land but water. The conclusion was based on the overwhelming perception that the third war will be fought over water.
I subscribe to the theory that British Raj prevailed over the world following ‘divide and rule’ policy, which is being followed by the US now. British Raj had left two scars on this planet, Kashmir and Palestine, which are oozing blood for more than six decades.
While going through local and international publications and watching leading English TV channels, I get a feeling that the arms sellers are creating new conflicts to initiate wars. I read a news item with profound grief about the killing of over 80 Hazaras in Afghanistan. Publications are filled with rising tension between India and Pakistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran and Pakistan. I often wonder is the ground being created for some proxy wars in the region.
I strongly believe that any encounter between India and Pakistan could prove disastrous because both the countries now suffer from war mania, may be because they suffer from complacency of being ‘an atomic power’. Dropping a few atomic bombs may be too easy and the objective could be achieved in few minutes. However, do the war mongers ever bother to understand the devastating effects of this adventurism?

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