Saturday, 31 October 2015

World must oppose US assaults in Syria and Iraq

I have repeatedly stated in my blogs that a proxy war is being fought in Syria. The objective is not as stated by the US, ‘change in regime in Syria’ but to continuously keep the neighboring Muslim countries in state of war.
The engagement on one hand forces these countries to buy more of ‘Made in USA armaments’ and on the other hand make them ‘war maniacs’ usually termed militants by the western media. Bulk of petrodollars are being spent on purchase of arms rather than on the welfare of people,
Ironically, western media, which once enjoyed the honor of being independent, can at best be termed ‘propagators of policies of hawks’. In the past some of the icons questioned policies of the then US president towards Vietnam, which left him with no option, but to step down, as against Bush and Obama have thrived on wars.
It seems that kind of critics have vanished or have been replaced by the cronies, constantly playing war mantra. The latest addition to the long list is Secretary of Defense; Ashton Carter who recently appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee to outline a new US military strategy for the Middle East.
The Secretary admitted the failure of the US “train and equip” program for rebels in Syria, but instead of taking the appropriate lessons from that failure and get out of the “regime change” obsession, he announced the opposite.
According to the Secretary the US military would for the first time become directly and overtly involved in combat in Syria and Iraq. Under this program the US would begin supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIS or conducting such missions directly, either by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground.
Direct action on the ground means US boots on the ground, even though President Obama had ruled out that possibility when he launched air strikes against Iraq and Syria last year. But promises are made and broken to achieve the vested interests; no one can deny this harsh reality.
The entire world needs to condemn the US decision at attack Syria in the strongest words, the ill-advised US military escalation in the Middle East. Whoever concluded that it was a good idea to send US troops into an area already being bombed by Russian military forces must be relieved of his duty on ‘medical grounds’ for being completely devoid of rationale thinking.
The fact is those who run US foreign policy don’t have the courage to accept their clear defeat in almost every war. They are so obsessed with their regime change plan in Syria that they are willing to risk the lives of US soldiers and initiate another mega war in the region — or even beyond.
These hawks insist that Russian strikes against ISIS and al-Qaeda must be resisted, because these are seen as helping the Assad government remain in power, and the US administration is determined that Assad must go. Why can’t the US just walk out of the Arabian Peninsula, which is no longer a source of cheap oil?
I believe building heat in MENA is just to divert attention of the world from South China Sea, where the US has already started minor encounters with China. I am forced to reiterate my words ‘US is the biggest warmonger’, I deliberately avoided using the term ‘terrorist’ often used by Iran.

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