Sunday, 15 March 2015

UK replacing US in war on terror

United Kingdom UK) commonly known as ‘British Raj’ in Indian subcontinent had the largest number of colonies around the world once upon a time. One should remember at one time United States (US) was also a British colony. At that time it was said at that ‘sun never sets in British Raj’. However, after Second World War the British Empire reduced to its present size. It would have been conquered had the US not dropped two atom bombs on Japan and Germans soldiers not buried live in Russia due to bad weather. Japan had reached closed to India in Burma (Myanmar), there were back out drills in India to prepare the natives of potential air strikes.
At the end of the Second World War, the US assumed the role of ‘Global Policeman’ and it has been fully supported by the permanent and as well as temporary members of UN Security. It may not be wrong to say that since attaining independence US has been constantly leading war in one or the other country; dropped tons of bombs and killed millions of people. Those killed in Japan in the aftermath of dropping two atom bombs in Japan is the most brutal example of crime against humanity.
While taking into account over 200 years history of the US needs an extensive research but post 9/11 war mania of US touched new highs. It simultaneously attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, killed thousands of innocent citizens of these countries and virtually destroyed all the important installations and infrastructure. One of the conspiracy theories says that if attack on Afghanistan was aimed at getting control over production and supply of drug, attack on Iraq was aimed at controlling oil produced in Arabian Peninsula. There was an official declaration of end of war in 2010 but thousands of US-led combat soldiers are still in these countries.
If one dispassionately reviews the massive destruction caused by the US in any and every country it invaded, the findings are most horrendous and even worse than the much talked about holocaust for which Hitler is accused. Hitler killed thousands of Jews but the side effects of atomic explosions in Japan crippled future generations, mentally and physically.
The US has caused destruction because of might but British Raj conquered one country after another following its cunning ‘divide and rule policy’.  The US created phantom like Taliban, which later turned its worst foe. It also created and funded ISIS which not only failed in toppling Syrian president but attained fame for committing the worst crime against humanity. Now the US citizens are critical of their policy makers, who are now openly termed ‘war mongers’ for keeping the indigenous arms factories over booked and wasting tax payer’s money for creating US hegemony around the world. The US foreign policy dictated by CIA has created worst hatred for the US in almost every country, including some of its best friends of yesteryears.
Under the new game plan funds and arms will be supplied by the US but war tacks and physical on ground assault will be overseen by the UK, which has ruled Asia, Africa, Middle East and North Africa by installing locals in power and getting the best deal from them. UK still has its own cult called ‘Commonwealth Countries’.  There are credible evidences that ISIS is virtually controlled by UK, which is also playing a key role in striking a deal with Iran. Israeli Prime Minister made last ditched attempt to sabotage the talks but attracted criticism from its own country fellows for fanning hatred.


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