Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pakistan: Ruthless Killers of Baluchistan

A total of six districts, Awaran, Kech, Gwadar, Panjgur, Chaghi and Khuzdar have been affected by the earthquake. The scale of the affected territory is daunting. The enormous destruction of the area can be gauged from the fact that death toll is inching towards 400. However, there are 337,980 people within 100km of the epicenter who could potentially be affected, according to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS).  

Awaran's population is scattered over an area of more than 21,000 square kilometers. More than 60,000 people live within 50 kilometers of the epicenter, according to the UN disaster agency, mostly in easily collapsible mud homes. Workers were facing difficulties in reaching out to survivors since the communication system has been severely affected by the earthquake.

Attack on helicopter carrying Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), 
 Major General Mohammad Saeed Aleem and Major General Samraiz Salik is not an ordinary incident.  The purpose was to disrupt relief and rescue work and create hurdles in reaching out to earthquake survivors and target security forces engaged in a massive relief and rescue operation in Awaran the worst hit area of Baluchistan.

It has been highlighted repeatedly that the rebels operating in Baluchistan are not local but militants funded by external forces. Critics go to extent of saying that these militants wear various caps, at time they are called ‘Baloch Liberation Army’ and if opportunity comes they become the custodians of rights of Sunnis. However, their sole objective remains causing dent to Pakistan by killing and sabotaging.

They just don’t want exploration and production activities to continue in the province. At times they appear to be working for annexing Baluchistan from Pakistan, as was done in Sudan and Indonesia, oil and gas rich areas were annex from these two countries. The games continued for a decade in Iraq and being played in Syria for the last two years.

One can also take cue from whatever has been happening in Northern areas of Pakistan, the fight is only to get control over reserves of precious stones and metals and oil and gas. These agents have been creating havoc only because if mining of minerals, oil and gas start in these areas all the economic woes of Pakistan will be over. The supporters of these perpetrators want to weaken Pakistan and present India as ‘Regional Super Power’.

It is not a secret that the United States is the biggest proponent and wants to create Indian hegemony in the regional. Experts say that now the United States ‘outsources’ the job. If British Prime Minister Toney Blair was used as ‘mouthpiece, for creating justification for attack on Iraq, France is playing the most active role mobilizing public opinion for attack on Syria, it may be other thing that other stakeholders of the region have been frustrating these efforts.

One of the conspiracy theories is that the five countries on the US ‘hit list’ include Syria, Iran and Pakistan. Assad’s government in Syria would have been toppled in few days had other stakeholders of the region not posed such a massive resistance. 

 If Syria is the biggest thorn in the creation of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East, getting control over sea trade passing trough Indian Ocean and creation of military camps around Iran is not possible without creation of an Independent  Baluchistan.

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  1. According to media reports a convoy of Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch came under rocket attack in the province's eathquake-stricken Awaran district early on Monday morning. There were no injuries reported in the incident.