Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Syria: US War Mania

It seems that after having failed in mulling support from other countries, except Saudi Arabia for attack on Syria the United States is intends to undertake the assault at its own, even contrary to the wishes of US citizens.

The major setback came when British Parliament rejected the move and other countries also followed its footprints. The decision of the Britain parliament should have been an eye opener for the sole surviving super power.

It is feared that any direct involvement of United States can plunge many countries in a zero sum game that has became the hallmark of the US foreign and military policies. At present US soldiers wearing combat uniform are present in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and their sole purpose seems to be killing the locals rather than maintain peace.

Ironically, the US Congress has hardly asked its President and his advisers why do they wish to bring regime change, topple governments and worst of all keep on supplying arms to the rebels in various countries.

The US administration hasn’t learn any lesson even after the killing of its ambassadors/diplomats, the most recent being in Libya and earlier in the blowing up of aircraft of Pakistan’s President Ziaul Haq.

A closer look at the ongoing proxy US war in Syria, clearly establishes that despite supplying millions of dollars and tons or lethal weapons to the rebels President Assad has remained in power.

Over the last two years nearly one hundred thousand Syrians have been killed and the entire country has become a heap of debris.

It is feared that the rebels supported by the US have used gas with an ultimate objective of maligning Assad’s regime. This perception seems to carry weight if one looks at whatever has happened in the recent in Egypt.

The United States followed it often repeated mantra of declaring Hosni Mubarak, a failed and corrupt ruler, only after after he became redundant.
Elections were held and public verdict came contrary to the US expectations, it was never thought that Muslim Brotherhood could win the election.

First attempts were made to keep Morsi under pressure but ultimately Egyptian Army Chief was asked to topple and arrest the elected president. When public came out on streets army was advised by the US to open fire and now army chief is being used as scapegoat.

It has been highlighted repeatedly that a proxy war is being fought in Syria, where most of the countries aspiring to be the regional or world super powers are supporting Syria, only because they want to inflict defeat on the United States, the sole surviving super power.

Ironically, the US is losing its patience because it considered Assad another Saddam. It may not be wrong to say that since Saddam killed hundreds and thousands of Iraqis, he had lost public support, as against that Assad continues to enjoy support of Syrians. 

One needs to find reply to a question, why the US is adamant at destroying Syria?

The reply is simple without destroying Syria the United States can’t get the entire region under its claws. The involvement of Russia, China, some GCC countries, Iran and Lebanon has made it difficult for the US to get a walkover.

Not only that the US is getting desperate its also completely ignoring the possible fallout of attack on Syria.

Even a small mistake can destroy peace of the region and also affect countries that have been supporting terrorism around the globe, in the name of Jihad.

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