Wednesday, 12 April 2017

US peacekeeper or conflict creator

One can deduce a few conclusions even by having a cursory look at the prevailing conflicts:
1)     conflicts are generated to create hegemony
2)     hegemony is established to get control over natural treasures
3)     natural resources are controlled to make the rich richer and the poor poorer
4)     worst crimes are committed in the name of conflict resolution
This raises a question is US a peacekeeper of conflict creator?
Keeping in view the prevailing conflicts, I am compelled to arrive at the conclusion that the US is conflict creator. To support my hypothesis, I will talk about:
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) inferno
Beginning from Iraq’s attack on Iran in seventies and on Kuwait in nineties the prime motive has been to control energy reserves. Iraq could have not done this without the patronage of the US. A look at the present day conflicts in Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia and Libya are the effort by the US to get control of oil and gas reserves of the region. Flaring animosity between Saudi Arabia and Iran and involving them in proxy wars is also part of the US policy to retain its hegemony in the region.    
Ongoing war in Afghanistan
The US managed to disintegrate USSR by prompting it to get access to warm waters. However, even after disintegration of USSR the war continues in Afghanistan. Be it tribal bouts or proliferation of extremism the local population continues to suffer from acute shortage of food and devastated infrastructure. The presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan raises the suspicion that they are not there to maintain peace but supervise cultivation of poppy.
Pakistan-India conflict
There can’t be two opinions that if Pakistan and India join hands, South Asia will become the most prosperous region. The area is rich in food, natural resources and makes the biggest market of the world. At the time of departure British Raj left a thorn, Kashmir. Since independence both the countries have been billions of dollars for the procurement of arms but bulk of the population continues to live below the poverty line.  
Iran-Saudi Arabia hatred
Both the countries are oil rich and have huge per capita income. While Saudi Arabia is often accused of towing the US foreign policy, Iran has been declared part of axis of evil. Both the countries have been involved in proxy wars, only to make them weaker. Saudi’s have been brain washed and made to say “Iran is a bigger enemy as compared to Israel”.
Growing US naval presence in Indian Ocean
The US has the largest and most equipped navy. It also has presence in all the occasions. It has major concentration in Indian Ocean, through which bulk of the trade and energy passes. Indian Ocean also connects two of the most important straits of Hormuz and Malacca.  
Efforts to choke straits of Hormuz and Malacca
The US has been making desperate efforts to get control over these two most important straits. However, in Hormuz it faces resistance from Iran and in Malacca from China. Since Iran and China are actively involved in oil trade, both have been supporting each other. Prior to Islamic revolution Iran had been towing the US foreign policy agenda but now it is considered the worst foe. China is one of the biggest trading partners of the US; the memories of cold war era are still fresh.
I am sure my critics may term my narrative ‘diabolic thinking of a citizen of third world country’. I will still say that all the conflicts around the world are created by the US to initiate proxy wars, sell arms and getting control over bounties of the nature.  

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