Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dropping “Mother of All Bomb” in Afghanistan a “Hoax Call”

This picture has been released by Reuters, my special thanks to the news agency for providing support to the narrative of a third world citizen  

If one peeps into the history of the US imposed wars, one point is clear that the establishment has been providing exaggerated and grossly incorrect reports to media. Ironically the ‘embedded journalists’, often working for mainstream media, have proved nothing but buffoons.
One of the recent examples is dropping of “Mother of All Bombs" in Afghanistan on 13th April 2017. All the details were made public about its code name, model number, weight, cost impact etc but hardly any details have been made public about the number of people killed and their identity, to the extent that no dead bodies were shown to media. It is also a fact that media has not been allowed to visit the site.
Reportedly, Defense Secretary James Mattis said that he did not intend to discuss damage estimates from the use of most powerful non-nuclear bomb. One has all the reasons to suspect that the Secretary is deliberating avoiding pinching questions being raised on social media. It is also suspected that even Pentagon does not have the evidence to share with the media.
The common grudge is that the US is unwilling to share information about the people killed except to say these were nameless, faceless, cave-dwellers. One may also ask questions like who were these people and for how long there were living there. The nationalities of those killed also remain undeclared.  Falling of the biggest bomb has been followed by the loud silence. The future of Afghanistan remains as uncertain as ever.
Reportedly, an Afghan official said that the bombing killed 96 militants but provided no proof of the deaths or information on how officials reached the number of casualties. One wonders if Afghan or the US troops have made it to the bombing site. It has been reported that security forces are blocking both journalists and local residents from accessing the site.
The blast triggered shock-waves which residents said they felt miles away. In all sincerity, Afghans in particular and the world in general with some conscience have a right to demand an end to indiscriminate killing of Afghans. The terrorism waged by the US and its allies in the name of the 'war on terror' far outstrips the violence of those termed terrorists.

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