Saturday, 3 September 2016

Remembering the day India attacked Pakistan

Pakistanis will celebrate 6th September with great fervor, the day they repelled the attack by a military might, ten-times the size of their army. They just can’t forget 6th September 1965, the day India attacked their homeland. Despite signing Tashkent agreement India continued its aggression against Pakistan that culminated at turning its eastern part into Bangladesh in1971. The war mania continues, the only difference is that there is no military assault but RAW agents are operating through nock and corner of Pakistan.
Many Pakistanis believe very strongly that all the RAW agents have not come from India. A question arises, if Pakistan is fully aware of the presence of RAW agents, why can’t these perpetrators be arrested?  The reply is simple; these agents are so skillfully embedded in the society that even their next-door neighbors can’t identify them. They live in thickly populated areas where inter-faith harmony exists at its best. These perpetrators normally enjoy high repute in the areas where they live in and also don’t indulge in any suspicious activity. But, they have their touts in other areas that are fully supported financially as well as supplied most lethal arms. Their touts have been completely brained washed and are blood-thirsty. The just can’t sleep without ‘enjoying the pleasure of killing a few innocents’.
Last year I had posted a blog on 6th September and its title was ‘Celebrating 50 years of 1965 war’. I have witnessed 1965 and 1971 wars besides uncountable border firing cases. I said that extremist Hindus have not accepted the partition of the subcontinent and are adamant at destroying Pakistan. Their repeated failures prove that these extremists have not been able to achieve their ultimate objective of eliminating Pakistan from the world map only because of patriotic citizens.
I am also of the view that over the years India has changed its strategy and abstain from entering into any major border conflict. Now it supports its embedded elements i.e. various militant groups busy in sabotage in the name of religious fanaticism, self-proclaimed discontent and targeted killing of religious scholars, academicians and social figures that raise voice against the terrorists and demand weeding out of these highly ruthless elements.
Being a student of geopolitics I also keep an eye on proxy wars being fought in general and in Pakistan’s neighborhood in particular. I can say without mincing my words that the super powers create issues, assemble rebel groups, and provide those funds, arms and training. They also prepare hawks that spread hatred among people belonging to different religions/sects and speaking different languages.
Pakistan has been fighting a proxy war in Afghanistan for more than four decades and has faced the worst fallout. Its social fabric has been destroyed, millions of militants are hibernating in Pakistan (they wear different caps) and use residents of areas as human shields. These culprits often enjoy the support of local political, sectarian and linguistic group as they also play the role of ‘militant groups’ of these outfits.
These perpetrators kill people for money and only for money. Their sanctuaries are located in Punjab, KP and Baluchistan provinces and they also keep coming to Sindh, the financial hub of Pakistan for the collection of booty. One wonders what the people posted at various check points are doing to check and contain the movement of these culprits.
I am also a staunch believer that since 9/11 millions of people have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and Pakistan. Most of these countries do not suffer from any serious internal conflicts but those inculcated and groomed by super powers.
If Pakistanis have to live and progress, everyone has to stand up, identify the culprits and weed them out. People have to keep a close watch at their surrounding and stop any suspected person seeking refuge in their neighborhood. As a first measure, they have to strengthen interfaith harmony so that no can exploit them in the name of religion, Islam does not teach killing. Remember, any one killing innocent people is not Muslim.

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