Monday, 17 August 2015

Tianjin Blast: Profound negligence or an act of terror

The blast at Tianjin shattered the entire world due to significant deaths and colossal economic losses. The Chinese authorities have not issued any official statement hinting towards possible cause of the blast. However, the western media is holding Chinese government responsible for the ‘negligence’. The reports refer to past incidents also where negligence was evident.

Ironically the west is not only the biggest buyer of Chinese goods but also has made huge investment. It may be true that Chinese government condoned violation of ‘good management practices’. However, the west can’t avoid even bigger blame as it buys Chinese products due to lower cost, which at times tantamount to compromising safety measures and allowing low wages for the workers.

Yet no one seems to be classifying this blast an act of terrorism. Keeping in view whatever is going on in South China Sea and adjoining areas, one just can’t rule out that this was an act of terror. Many of the developed countries including the US are afraid of China becoming a phantom eating up many industries of the developed economies.

The slow and gradual withdrawal of the US from the Middle East and MENA often creates suspicions that the after having attained self-sufficiency in crude oil production the new focus is South China Sea, particularly China and North Korea.

If 9/11 could be termed a melodrama staged by CIA, ISIS being ‘B’ team of intelligence agencies of the US, Britain and Israel, Tianjin blast could also be termed an act of terrorism to contain growth of China for a while. Signs of civil commotion have already started appearing and one has to wait and see how quickly the balloon is created and burst.

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