Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pakistan’s Survival at Stake

Killing of around 100 people is less than 24 hours in selected cities of Pakistan clearly shows that there is some thing grossly wrong, which even the rulers are not able to understand. Some cynics say the rulers understand the ground realities but can’t take any action against the perpetrators. Attacks on security personnel are a clear indication that insurgents are openly challenging writ of the government.
Sunday’s attacks seem to be aimed at proving a few points the most important being; if personnel of security services are not safe or can’t protect themselves, how can they protect ordinary people and more importantly frontiers of the country?
Perpetrators are trying to create breach between Sunnis and Shias, which is purely foreign agenda. The countries keen in maintaining their hegemony have exploited this in Iraq and Afghanistan but are facing a lot of resistance in Syria.
Over the last four decades the external forces have created fanatics in Pakistan, who consider all others Muslims ‘inferior’ and are also killing people belonging to minorities, indiscriminately.
Ironically, some of the political parties still have soft corner for these fanatics and are suggesting negotiations with them rather than taking stern action against them. One completely fails to understand the logic as these fanatics openly claim responsibility of killing but some quarters are still insisting on negotiations.
One of the points of concern is that since 2001 these perpetrators have killed people and the number ranges from 40,000 to 80,000. However, the most regrettable point is that under the prevailing system not even one perpetrator has been punished.
Ironically, those at the helm of affairs have not been able to distinguish between political activist and militants. They also fail to recognize the fact that around the world rebel groups are created, provided fund and arms only to plunge the countries into anarchy.
One need not go through the history but a closer look at whatever is happening in Egypt, Turkey and Syria is enough to open eyes of Pakistanis. When Hosni Mubarak became redundant a movement was sponsored against him and general elections were also held. Now the same external powers have facilitated dismissal Muhammad Morsi. Almost a similar story is being enacted in Turkey.
These external powers have been supporting rebels in Syria for last two years and nearly 90,000 innocent people have been killed. Interestingly, the external forces are still blaming the Syrian government for these killings but at no point accept the fact that they are responsible for these killings.
At times it is being felt that this world is being ruled by mad people who have only one objective, how to kill more people? On the face value, these people look most respectable, as they own businesses worth trillions of dollars, in reality they are ‘merchants of death’. They are the sellers of lethal weapons and are always busy in creating conflicts among people and countries so that they can sell more arms.
Historically, Pakistan has remained in focus because of its location as it is surrounded by three most volatile countries i.e. Afghanistan, India and Iran. The global and regional super powers have special attraction for all these countries and wish to further consolidate their position by following centuries old saying “Divide and Rule”.

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